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China′machinery and equipment has exported into new market“Kenya”

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     Recently, the handover ceremony of machinery and equipment’purchase item between Kenya and the government is held on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.The purchase item includes engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools and other machinery and equipmentwhich has three thousand nine hundred and forty-two units (sets), about 57 million U.S. dollars in total.

    The advisor reseacher Jiaxuan Duan in machinery industry believes that since fanacial crisisthe weakness in western market has large impact on our export which causes some products difficult to export and we are in great need of opening market.But the basic facilities develops very quikly and has a big demand to machinery and equipmentwhich becomes a new market of machinery and equipment in export.

    In 2009our export for earning foreign exchange in machinery industry add ups to one thousand nine five and eight billion u.s. dollars,comes down to 19.25 percent,the weakness in western market causes export market difficult to export.The purchase contrat of machinery and equipment between kenya and China government indacates that Kenya gradualy becomes new growth of export for earning foreign exchange in machinery and equipment.The machinery and equipment is exported to kenyawhich is caused by development of the basic facilities of kenya quikly.Since Kenya do the economic recovery strategy, It continues to focus on agricultrue and tourism.On the one hand,It continues to push towards the process of agricultural mechanization,on the other hand,It continues to increases to exploit of tourism resource of the western area of kenya , enhances the renovate and rebuild of domestic basic facilities and improves the transport facilities. The machinery and equipmenr has big demand because of these measures and goes up quikly.
    Jiaxuan Duan points out that we inspire the Africa to purchase the machinery and equipment which is produced by China with the form of professional loan in policy,in the expansion of export,It also helps the Africa improve the basic facilities.It is a matter of mutual benefit for both sides.


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