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Crusher demand is on the rise

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Crusher demand is on the rise

Massive increase in demand for modular crushers is coming soon says dealer.

The Middle East will see a massive increase in demand for high-capacity modular crushers over the next year. This was revealed by Sean Reilly, managing director, Equipment Supply Services (ESS), at the Construction Week Awards 2007, held last month.

Equipment Supply Services has launched its range of Western Retek crushers at the Big 5 to keep ahead of the game.

Sean Reilly said: "Using the UAE as an example of the situation in the Gulf over 10.5 million tonnes of waste is being generated by construction, of which 70% is estimated to be concrete. The need for high-capacity, effective mobile crushers has arrived.

"The utilisation of high-capacity mobile crushing plants by contracting organisations will create cost savings and increase profitability."

The Western Retek crushers represent the latest technology in efficient aggregate size reduction and recycling with the added bonus of having modular construction, common chassis, and tracked undercarriages.

Reilly added: "We are already receiving significant levels of interest and will finalise contracts to supply the first few machines to key clients in the next few days.

"A number of the clients we are supplying machines to have specific operational requirements, that can be satisfied due to the modular design and specification of these machines."

The range offers suitable size and specification for many applications and a capacity range from 200 tonnes per hour up to 600 tonnes per hour. There are three types of crushers: Jaw, Impactor and Cone. All can be specified in the role of either rimary or secondary crusher and work efficiently in both virgin rock and recycling applications


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