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SHU GUANG NEWS:China will lend all-out support to non-ferrous metal

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On the fourth international forum of secondary metal, the vice director of multipurpose bureau of environment and resource, national development & reform committee, Zhou Changyi pointed out that our mineral resource is in shortage and the requirement for non-ferrous metal is on the increase, so in future we should develop the secondary metal and regard secondary non-ferrous metal as the leading products instead of the nonferrous metal.

    Recently, the non-ferrous metal increases greatly. In 1983, the output of non-ferrous metal was only 1.31 million tons and in 2004, it will reach 13.8 million tons, which increased 10 times in 11 years and our country becomes the top manufacture country. However, the non-ferrous metal in our country is short and the copper reserves in our country is only for 7 years, the vanadium is for 6 to 7 years and bauxite is for 30 years, so the resource shortage becomes the shackle for the development of non-ferrous metal.

    At the same time, the consumption of non-ferrous metal is on the increase. The copper and aluminum consumption increased from 18% to 23% in recent 10 years and the consumption increase of non-ferrous metal is 2 times of the GDP. With the development of industrialization and urbanization, the requirement for non-ferrous metal will increase greatly.

    On the one hand, the resource and energy is dragging the development of non-ferrous metal and on the other hand, the requirement for the non-ferrous metal is striding forward, so the way to solve this problem is to develop the secondary non-ferrous metal and the secondary non-ferrous metal will become the main force for the development of our non-ferrous industry.

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