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vertical calcium powder machine

vertical calcium powder machine

1,use and scope of application

It mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical, mining and other mineral materials, crushing, separation of impurities can be crushed white lime, bentonite, talc, gypsum, activated carbon, humic acid, clay, graphite, iron oxide red, bean, fertilizer , RE, Mohs hardness level 3, the humidity is less than 6% of all non-inflammable materials, grinding, separation.


1product size is in the scope of 0.613mm30meshto 0.033mm425mesh

(2)Mons’ hardness scale is less than grade three

(3)the efficient of dust removal can reach national standard.

(4) Detailed analysis machine, easy to adjust impurity separator

(5) the main axle is capable of sealing which uses  stacked multistage seal

3,Specifications and technical data
size                                       80型      100型             125型         150型
Main motor power (KW)         22            22                   30              37
Fan motor power(KW)            11           15                    22             30
Motor power (KW)                 2.2          2.2                   5.5            7.5
Discharging pin-size(mesh)   60–400     60–400            60–400       60–400
Output(T)                               2–4        3.5-7                5-10           7-15

4,structure and principle

This machine is combined vertical mill, it contains main motor powerfan motor power, detailed analysis machine,powder collector,dust scattered wind installations and pipeline.

There are twelve hammer tap in four line ordered in the main motor. Its internalwall equiped with tooth-type lining of high manganese. Materials is sent into milling room from the top and been pulverized by the hammer tap and dunnage crashing each other in a high speed and cutting. The products which meet the standard through Detailed analysis machine will been sent out with the air flow, the others will be exhaust in the bottom.

 5,Degree of fineness adjusts

There is a valve which can adjust the speed of air flow on the top of the fan motor. So the degree of fineness is high with a small blowing rate and vice versa. Besides,the top of main motor is equiped with analysis machine which can adjust the fineness. With a high speed the metarials will have a high degree of fineness and vice versa.



Oil seal

Triangular belt

Main motor






Fan motor










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