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rotary drum calcinator

The Calciner which is mainly used in metallurgy,chemical,iron and other industry is a equipment for high temperature processing with natural gas,oil and electricity as energy,making them into iron,recycling rare metal,producing catalyst ,improving the environment and producing special chemicals. The Calciner can deal with lots of materials with direct or indirect heat source and moderate and high temperature to isolate heat from production in the process. The insulation of Calciner is very important and has great value in the industrial production. It usually deal with small materials,materials sensitive to oxidation, combustion, explosion and heat and giving rise to pollution possibly. The materials with the Calciner disposing are usually some special products,including sealed hopper feeding system or pressurized tank car,opening dust seal,Special processing gas,dust-collecting system. Every Calciner is designed according to specific needs and unique specifications and uses electricity or natural gas as heat source. There is hot zone in the furnace and independent control region and the cooling machine can make product cool before leaving stove.

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